How do I change Pivot point in MSPhyscics or accomplish this?

Updated pics. Thx for letting me into this forum. I have a “burning” question, which I guess its quite simple to accomplish: I want a lid to open - (pivot points not at the end - but at the sides - halways, approx). The lid shall “push” a bottom lid out as it opens. See attachement. How can I achieve this? Thanx a lot :slight_smile:

The top lid (a box) is supposed to pivot around center, while touching the bottom lid, it shall push this out. As I am a new member - I can only open ONE picture. Here it is:

I’m not clear on exactly what you want. Can you post another image which has two or three stages of the desired movement? For example:

  1. Fully closed
  2. half-way open
  3. fully open

I haven’t used MS Physics in about a year so I’m rusty on the details, but I think you can place a pivot joint at any location on an object. If you set the various objects to have collision enabled, then the movement of one object should interfere with its neighbors and cause them to move.

I looked at my MacBook Pro lid, to figure out how Apple do it. They somehow manage to rotate the lid in the way I think you’re describing, without metal having to pass through other metal. Th pivot point is within the lower part, and the rotation looks a bit like this:

I’m not sure what is meant by pushing out a bottom lid.

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Thx a lot. This is about. What I really try to accomplish is setting the pivot point elsewhere in the top lid, appropriately mid point. Then, I want the top lid, as it rotates at almost the center, to push the bottom drawer out. I really wished I could show you, but I get denied uploading all kind of attachments as they are to big. The point is, top lid should rotate around (almost center), as it rotates, the end of it will touch the drawer at bottom, pushing this out. So first question is : How to add hinge at almost the middle of the top lid. Not in one end?

On my MacBook Pro there is a cutout in the case and a projection from the edge of the lid that lets the pivot point be below the surface of the case, sort of like this (but with finer tuning of the geometry):


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Maybe that’s the way it is.:thinking:

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Thx a lot - I made another pic - trying to explain what I mean - do you understand? Blue “Bars” are wood. The black square is the table as seen from the side.

Just added another “blueprint” - to explain it a bit more. Hope you understand it :slight_smile:

Just added another “blueprint” - to explain it a bit more. Hope you understand it :slight_smile:

You should be able to locate the hinge joint anywhere on the “lid” object. MS Physics does not constrain the axis of a pivot joint to only be co-linear with an edge, as far as I recall.

You should be able to place the hinge anywhere you need it …



Here’s a 26 part tutorial on MSPhysics: