2 lines (locked length) and pivot where they join



I’m trying to draw a folding lid shelf support stay. I need to draw 2 lines that join each other, lock their length so they can be moved from the central point. Any ideas on how I can do this? THX


You could probably manage it with Sketchy Physics or MS Physics. Start here.

How will you be using this lid support? Generally when I want to show something like a lid stay or a hinge in different positions, I don’t bother with anything like Sketchy Physics. I just move or rotate the components as needed.


Thx Dave. It’s a tough problem to explain. Essentially it’s a single piece (hinge) pivoting in the middle and attached to a leg at one end and a fixed piece at the other. I’m trying to use sketchup to work out the mounting holes. Problem is, I’d need to lock the length of the 2 pieces, make sure they stay joined together in the middle and as I move the components they attach to. See how they move…

I can’t find a solution by grouping and moving or rotating because although you can move a line and have another one follow it where they attach, you can’t see how they would move if you lock the line length. Can’t lock line length???


You can lock the line length by making a component or group of each line. You can then rotate them together or individually. You don’t need to rotate them at all, really. You can arcs to indicate the range of the swing.

I didn’t spend any time setting this example up but maybe it gives you an idea. You could certainly represent each leaf of the support with a single line if you like.