How do i build a partition wall?

trying to redesign a bathroom. whats the easiest way to build an accurate parttion wall that can i make as a layer to turn on and off
i want to bring the walll forward 15cm for the soil pipe and mixer taps…

thanks x

To do so you should group all the parts of the wall. Then assign the wall group to a new layer of your choice (other than Layer0). You can create layers on the fly simply by typing a new layer name in the entity info window when the group is selected. How to draw the wall–it’s simply an extruded rectangle and people have their favorite ways of doing that.

A guide line can show you one side of the wall location and you can start your rectangle on the floor that way, type in the length and width. You may wish to group the wall at this stage–so easy to select. When the floor rectangle is done Push pull to the proper height. If you have grouped the rectangle (face and edges), then you must “edit” the group to push-pull.

In the video, the outer walls are in a group so they won’t interfere with the drawing of the interior wall.

Windows only, though…
EdIt: Mac only!:smiley:

Correction to above - you can NOT create a layer ‘on the fly’ in windows, but only in MAC.

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OK then.