How do I ask for Basic answers in these forums?

Is there any way to get basic answers to simple questions? For example, I draw a straight line and then, maybe a bit later, maybe not, I want to format the line, such as thickness, maybe make it dashed, etc. Is there any way to get an answer to how to do this?

Sure. The answer is you can’t. You can in Layout but not in Sketchup. Sorry, bud.

Because SketchUp is a 3D surface modeler. It has Edges, not lines. (It is not a traditional drafting / CAD application. But LayOut is similar to AutoCAD’s paperspace, and you can draw normal lines in it, with viewports looking into the SketchUp model.)

Now SketchUp does have construction lines, which can be various stipples (dashed, dotted, etc.)

Try Suforyou’s drawing tool plugin:
It can draw construction lines easily.

(Moving to the Meta category, since this is about forum use,… and that is where we discuss things about using these forums.)

(ADD: Re-titled to a proper question. [Ie, I am teaching by example here.])

Yes, please just post your questions in the appropriate category. One thread to a question, with a short concise topic title.

Post in the SketchUp category if you do not know what the categories are meant for. But, note that each category has a “About the categorypinned post by the staff explaining what the category is meant for.

Example, ie “How do I change Cline stipple ?” … and then restate the question in full, along with any mention of what you have already tried.

If you have a model and can post it, purge it of unused resources, (ModelInfo > Statistics > Purge Unused,) and attach it to your post with the upload button (7th from the left,… looks like a harddrive with an up arrow on top.)

Very curious about this.