How do I apply to become an Authorized Training Center in Malaysia?


Are you outside of North America? All authorized training outside of North America will be operated by key resellers and partners who are in the process of creating their training programs. If you are interested in offering authorized training it will need to be though one of these partners. We will list their information soon.

I read this information from the official website, and I wonder is the list available yet?
Who can I contact to obtain the Authorized Training Center?



Hi Charlenne,
This page may be what you’re looking for.
Find a SketchUp Reseller — SketchUp Help


Hi Geo,

Thanks for replying. However the list is about the license reseller and they seems not related with the ‘ATC’.


Well, I’m just as confused by this as you are.

The page you referenced states:
“All authorized training outside of North America will be operated by key resellers and partners…”
“We will list their information soon.”

Perhaps @Jody can tell us if there is (or will be) another list of “partners”


Thanks for your response Geo, the page you listed is correct, or, will be at some point.


We changed how the ATC program operates several months ago and are in the process of transitioning the program to local Distributors, however that process is going to be a long one so at some point that page will list more information on our local partners who operate training, but for now it does not and we don’t have a timeline on how quickly that will happen either. It will vary and happen gradually. To address the question you really have, which is how do you become an ATC in Malaysia, there currently isn’t a way to do so. There will be at some future date, but for now, sorry.


Thanks, Tyson.
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Thanks for the info, Tyson.
And to Geo as well for your help :smile: