How do I achieve this hand-rendered look using only Sketchup Pro 15?

primarily it’s a ‘Style’ setting, most likely a ‘Custom Style’, but may be one built into SU…

The stonework looks like it has been Composited in other software…

was there a tutorial or link with the image?

Window (menu) > Shadows (dialog)

Click the “Show/Hide Shadows” button in the upper-left corner.

Adjust your shadow properties to suit.

Adjust your model’s North angle to suit. (Use the NorthAngle plugin from the Trimble DevTeam. It’s on the Extension Warehouse.)

[It may help to Geo-Locate the model, and set whatever time of day and date, to get the angle of shadows you desire. The location can be bogus (ie, you can set it on the equator, at the prime meridian) just for the scene page that your rendering. Then you can set it back.]

Window (menu) > Styles (dialog)

Switch to a Scene page for your render. Window (menu) > Scenes (dialog)

Back in the Styles dialog, change to one of the pencil styles. Check in the “Sketchy Edges” or “Style Builder Competition Winners” collections first.

Switch to the Edit tab in the Styles Manager, and tweek properties to suit.

When satisfied, update the scene page via the Scenes manager, by being sure the “Style and Fog” box is checked, then click the Update button at the upper-left of the dialog.


You may need to find “Sketchy” tree and shrub components in the 3D Warehouse, or SketchUcation Store.

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I think the stonework is just the material “Sketchy_Stone_Ashlar” in the stock “Sketchy” materials library in SketchUp.


Nice digs! As I’ve always said, whether you’re rich or poor, it’s nice to have money! :smiley:

Thank you.

There was no tutorial, this is an image that I found from a firm.