How did you like SketchUp 2020 imagery?

I really love the model and the forest scene, but kind of missed the realistic illustrations from 2019 release, so… I tried to make a version of my own.

Used SketchUp Pro 2019, V-ray NEXT, Skatter, Laubwerk and Affinity Photo for post processing.
Wanted to use the new version for the render, but Laubwerk does not work with it yet.


Nice render! And I happen to like the 2020 Product Imagery myself…but I get where you’re coming from. Consider though that not everyone uses SketchUp to render, or knows that 3rd party extensions are required, It’s important to convey realistic expectations as to what the native software can do (which is a lot as you know!).

See my take on a rendering. SketchUp v2020, V-Ray Next Update 1, Skatter, Laubwerk, HDRI…no post production as all color corrections and lighting done with V-Ray. Lines exported as png both with and without hidden geometry showing overlaid in Photoshop.


We got really spoiled last year with the amount of great images. I think that the fine line between realism and illustration is what made them so great.

How did you use Laubwerk in v2020? I don’t see install version for it yet.

There isn’t an update yet. I just put trees in version 2019 and since the path to the Laubwerk freshest did not change, when I opened the file up in v2020 they rendered. Bonus! Hopefully an updated extension will be released soon.

Here is a version with added linework for the interior and boosted the opacity for landscape lines.
Now the interior detail is more distinguishable and the curved lines seem to direct the eye more to explore around the image.