Sketchup 2020 poster image

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Evening all - I was curious how the 2020 poster image was achieved but struggling to get more info on this. I’m aware of the plugins but I quite like the sketch/illustrative look too…

You could have just asked :wink:

The model itself was made by great modelers from the SketchUp Team.
The rendering was done with V-ray NEXT for SketchUp, Skatter and Laubwerk plugins.
Image post processing done in Affinity Photo for color balance adjustments, sky replacement and curves.

There were no special shaders used in V-ray. All line work was exported from SketchUp and stacked in various line wights and opacity levels. Used layer blending modes as multiply and screen to combine the line work with the render. Used layers masks to clean up the line work. Extra reflections were added to the glass. Some light retouching was done on the leaves and other parts of the model.
I try to do all post-processing work in a non-destructive workflow.

I know that it is 100x easier to learn these things when looking at someone do this in real time, so I could offer to make a livestream video. I’m currently making free webinairs 2x a week and publishing the recordings on our Youtube page.
I’m currently 2/3 of the way in our SketchUp for Visualization series.
The first part was about SketchUp output.
The second part was about V-ray.
The third part will be about rendering plugins and the creation of mixed media style renderings (like this one).
The videos are in Latvian and the livestream is on our Facebook page, but I could stream and English version on Youtube.