How can Sketchup Pro no longer have layers, and how do I work around this?

Hi, my name is CASnyd3r, I used sketchup beginning with version 6.0 to do solar site analysis as an architect, long before Goggle or Trimble began messing with it and seemingly removed the option for layers within the 3d environment, which makes what I need to do difficult or impossible. Now I’m using Sketchup Pro 2021 from Trimble with the DesignPH plug-in/ extension to do Passive House certification work on Mac OSX11.6 with Intel HD graphics 630 card with VRAM 1536MB. I just noticed Pro 2021 no longer seems to allow me to use layers within Sketchup’s 3d view to hide things like the deciduous canopy of trees, or an aerial photograph or drawing that I used as an underlayment to create my geometry on top of, but don’t want to show or to cast shadows in the 3d model. Layers seems to be limited to the 2d Layout app for making 2d drawings from the 3d model, and I do not want to do that, just to make certain elements of my 3d model become inactive without actually erasing them. Can anyone suggest a method by which I can accomplish the same things as Layers used to let me do within the 3d model, with making certain things inactive/ invisible to the “sun” in my shading studies?

Please don’t double post. I responded to your question in the Welcome thread.

You should take some time to read the release notes for the last three versions of SketchUp. What used to be layers have been called tags for the last 4 versions.

Also see: Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help
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Thank you, I won’t double post in future, I just wan’t sure if a newbie would be able to post a question since it said certain unspecified features would not be open to newbies, so I asked in my intro post, and then here since no one with the same issue would go to an intro post looking for the answer.

Every application must have its quirks. This was introduced deliberately. Just like in Archicad objects where what other applications call x,y,z are called a,b,zzyzx…