How can import the improved files of 3d warehouse in Archicad 2020?

hello, i’m working either on Sketchup 2017 or Archicad 2020 and i used to download 3d models from 3D Warehouse, version 2018, but now there is a problem with the import in Archicad with the new files (version 2019/20/21) of 3D warehouse. Archicad appears an error message, that says i can use only version 2017 or earlier.
is there any solution, for how can i import the improved files of 3d warehouse in Archicad?

many thanks!

There is no Archicad 2020. Do you mean Archicad 20? You can either update to Archicad 25 or download the models as .DAE files from the 3D Warehouse.

i’m sorry, i mean as you said right Archicad 20.
thank you very much for your advice.
the same update goes for Sketchup too?