How can I map a Texture properly on rounded geometry?

Hello Forum,
I tried to map a Texture on a rounded geometry, but the texture shows up distorted.
How can I fix this?

Greetings, Peter

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Hello, you can use thrupaint, among Fredo tools extension
FredoTools | SketchUcation
If you have any questions about installing extensions, please say

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Thanks a lot Paul! I installed it. Do I have to use “Thrupaint” for this task?

Thrupaint is one way to do it. It can also be done natively if you expose the hidden geometry.


Thanks a lot Dave. But I couldn’t manage to make it work with exposing hidden geometry. But it worked using “Thrupaint”.

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My next problem ist the following thing:
When I map a png-file on a surface, the surface disappears. Because the texture is a png with transparent background.

I tried to solve this problem: I copied the surface, made a group, and placed it very tight to the original surface.

Little bit messy to do it this way. Is there a proper way to solve this?

make it a Jpg ?

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Make the background so it’s not transparent. It can still be a .png file.

Stolen from your website, edited to add a color to the background. With the “3D” being white, I chose another color.

The image is used as a texture but it only runs up to the softened edge shown selected. The rest of the surfaces are painted with a color to match the background color.


Thanks Guys! :grin: Ah ok, of course in SketchUp I can pick the background color of the image and apply it to the rest of the walls (because all wall surfaces should appear as the same surface in Lumion) Thanks a lot!