How can I make a vertical garden on a curved surface?

Hello. I use Sketchup Pro 2022 on Windows 64-bit. I need help modeling vertical gardens on a curved column surface. I found a vertical garden from warehouse that I like and I want to arrange all the groups and components from that along my curved surfaces. I’m not sure how to do this.


You can use a plugin called skatter.

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thanks! i’m gonna watch them and give them a try

I tried following along but I dont get the red lines like in the tutorial after adding my group to hosts. How can I fix that? Is there something else i need to click?

in the area that says ‘Scattered Objects’…you need to select your plant component(s). You may also have to hit ‘generate’ or regenerate in the top left to see them.

I haven’t watched the tutorial or used skatter in a long time, but perhaps the fact the cylinder faces are reversed is an issue. It also would appear to be odd to set the Projection to the z axis. I may well be wrong on both things.

Good catch @Box. The objects may be pointing inward where you can’t see them or see them properly.

Yes, assuming OP added objects to be scattered the faces need to be properly orientated.

Or pointing negativelly to normal.

There is a parameter to set them perpendicularly to face normals.

Z axis will not work here, I think

Been awhile, that might be true too. I am generally populating landscapes so I don’t get into things like this though…

Last time I used it for some vertical garden kind of thing some years ago:

  1. Drew some freehand curves on walls
  2. Turned them into pipes
  3. Skattered some leaves
  4. Controled normals
  5. Made them shrink near the top/ends of groups

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