How can I join a curved wall to my inverted pitch roof?

I’m fairly new to sketchup and struggling to join my curved wall to the top of my inverted pitch roof. Does anyone have any advice for this? I have tried drawing an arc on the face of the roof, and then joining at both sides, however it doesn’t seem to work.

Tell us what you want from the model: Will it be a rendering of the outside surfaces of the structure, or do you want to show the framing for walls and roof?

I just want to render the outside, so it’s one continuous pattern - I can’t seem to fill that final gap?

If the wall has no thickness, can you not just select the curved line defining the top of the curved wall, move it up above the roof, select everything (or a suitable sub-set), Intersect with model, and delete what you don’t want?

push pull through roof. (roof to be a group) Select all and intersect with model. Hide roof temporarily, then delete unwanted parts.

This worked a treat, thanks for your help