Connect 2 circles for angled roof

Trying to create angled, curved roof. I know there has to be an easy way to connect these 2 circles and I cannot fig. it out. Help. See photo.

First to better understand your goal. If the side walls are vertical, then the top surface cannot be a circle. As a non right section of a cylinder it must be an ellipse. Is this the case? Or, are the top and bottom surfaces true circles and the walls not vertical? Each option is possible but has different methods of creation.

I’m guessing from your drawing that you want vertical walls and an elliptical upper surface. In which case, make a cutting surface and right click>intersect faces.



If you want 2 circles. Make sure you have the same number of sides on each and connect the relative end points of each with lines. You’re likely going to have to draw diagonal lines also connecting the end points to make faces.

Incidentally, if you are wanting both top and bottom to be true circles. That is easily done too:



Thank you. That worked perfectly.

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