How can I fill in smoothed surfaces to get solid form?

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I had been seeking a way to fill in smoothed surfaces to solid ones. however i have not found the one yet.

How may i fill this section cut and smoothed surfaces to solid ones ? it should be done in order for the file converted to stl files for the best result expected for their 3d print outs.

thank you.

I’m not sure I understand your question, so bear with me.

Are you looking to create a solid by generating a surface that closes the section cut? If so, please realize that in SketchUp a section cut is a display technique that doesn’t actually create any geometry. To close up the section cut you would have to trace it using regular SketchUp drawing tools to make edges and faces. On the desktop versions of SketchUp there are extensions than can do this, but the web version doesn’t support extensions yet so you would have to do it by hand.

I don’t understand what smoothed surfaces have to do with the question, though. It would be the same regardless of what the section cut through.

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Could be done by drawing a face in the same location and using Intersect Faces command-- To create the edges to cut the geometry and divide the new face into faces to add in the area of the section?

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Thank you very so much for this video ! it did help me a lot and had been what i had wanted !! thank you

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