Ascribe material to Group/Component

Don’t know if this suggestion is daft or even doable but here goes.

A basic section cut reveals the cavity within bounding surfaces. That is almost never what anyone wants. You can show materials by painting surfaces in a 2D insert created by using Slice from Group. It does the job but as a solution it is inelegant. If you are happy for all cut surfaces to be treated identically, you can choose Section Fill. Or you can use a third party extension like Skalp. None of these solutions is ideal.

Groups and Components have toggles. Components also have Advanced Attributes. Could one of those be used to define a section fill material that would mean whenever that Group/Component is subjected to a section cut, the right material would be used? I realize this might mean a proliferation of groups beyond what might otherwise be needed. But the upside is that wherever you choose to cut, or wherever you move the cut, the right fill material would be used (assuming it was set in the first place).


I think @Wo3Dan would support this, too!

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