How can I darken the shadows in Sketchup Pro 2020

I’m using Pro 2020 and I can’t find the setting for the shadows. In Make2017, the shadows used to have settings that would allow you to lighten or darken the shadows.

Does anybody know where I can find the shadow settings or have they discontinued those settings in Pro 2020. I have attached a screen shot which shows the settings in Make 2017.

Screenshot 2020-08-03 at 19.33.31

The Light and Dark sliders are what you are thinking about. Right there in your screenshot. As far as I know, they work the same as in 2017.

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If you aren’t seeing those sliders in SU2020, click on the small button in the top right corner of the Shadows panel.


Oops! I thought that was your screenshot of 2020! Like Dave mentioned, click the little down arrow in the upper right on Mac, also

It could have been but if not…

Hi Dave,
How do I get that side panel that you have in your screenshot? I can’t seem to find any options to get that.

I have the Shadows options on the the top bar however it does not have the dark and light sliders.
I have attached a screenshot. The shadows tools are circled in red.

I don’t use a Mac but at a guess I’d say go to Window/Shadows and you will get a dialog for shadows.


Box has given you the correct answer. Look in the Window menu for Shadows. Since there’s more control over the shadows in the Shadows panel bar, I don’t even bother keeping the Shadows toolbar out. It takes up too much valuable real estate for me.

Thanks Box and Dave. I hadn’t seen the Shadows option in the Windows dropdown.

Sorry. I assumed since you showed that screen shot in your first post that you were looking at the Shadows panel, not the tool palette.

On the Mac, you can get rid of those sliders in the top toolbar if you right click the toolbar, choose “Customize Toolbar”, and then drag the shadows sliders off the toolbar. You can also drag other tools onto the toolbar from the window that pops up. Unlike on Windows, this is the only customizable native toolbar available.


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