How can I check dimensions of an object I've designed?

Hi, how can I check the dimensions of this object I’ve designed? It should be (L x W x H: 1.346 x 942 x 2.846) but the height seems to be far less…

Thanks in advance! for a hint

Select an edge and look at Entity Info. Or use the Dimension tool to place dimensions off the edges.

Or the Tape Measure tool.

Use the Tape Measure tool

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Thanks again, DaveR! :slight_smile: It looks as though something went wrong when the width and length were determined. Can I change that or do I have to start from scratch?

You can use Push/Pull to change the dimensions. Figure out what the difference is between what you want and what you already modeled and push or pull by that distance.

Or use the Scale Tool, begin the scaling action then let go of the mouse and type the exact value you require followed by the unit suffix. For example 1.346m to adjust the length. Repeat for the other two dimensions. With practice, you can obtain the exact dimensions for all three directions in one operation.

Don’t click in the Dimension Window (DW) to enter the values, just type.

When SketchUp see a pure value in the DW it interprets it as a scale factor. On the other hand, a value followed by a unit suffix is interpreted as an exact dimension.

Hi Jean Lemire,

thanks a lot for your reply, which has helped me a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

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