How can I change the Key Words in my SketchUp Warehouse Listing?

I put a diesel locomotive engine up on the SketchUp 3D Warehouse two weeks ago, but used the key words “locomotive” instead of “diesel engine”. The engine is displayed on a page of locomotives, but you should also see it when you search for diesel engines. I can’t seem to find how to go back and edit the key words to show this. Can this be done or do I have to put the drawing up again under different key words?

edit via the icon highlighted

Okay. Did it. Still not happy with the categories since all I could do was add Transportation and then Trains. DIdn’t find a category for engines in particular. Thanks!

The categories are aditional, the search engine looks for hashtags in the description of the model.
A #hashtag before a word should work.

We are in phase 4 of the transition from the old tags to the new hashtags