3D Warehouse: from Tags -> #Hashtags


We’re giving the Tags feature of 3D Warehouse a facelift as we evolve into the #Hashtag era. We’ll be converting tags to hashtags and doing a bit of cleanup along the way.

Phase 1:
We’re announcing the change from Tags to Hashtags, and giving 3D Warehouse users a chance to make changes to their details pages before we turn the robots loose to automatically do this for you. The details of the robots actions are listed below, and if you’d like to change any Tags before that happens, you’ll have a week or two to complete that task.

Phase 2:
We’ll temporarily disable the ability to add, edit or delete old style tags (circled in the image below) while our robots go to work converting tags into Hashtags.

What you should know about the conversion process:

  • Single word tags (e.g. Car) will be turned into hashtags (e.g. #Car).
  • Multi-Word tags will be joined with underscores (e.g. Car Door = #Car_Door)
  • Any tag exceeding 30 characters will be deleted and not converted to a hashtag (e.g. This stupidly long tag phrase about race cars = #Gone #sorrynotsorry)
  • Any duplicate tags will be removed (e.g. Car, Car = #Car)
  • All non-alphanumeric characters will be removed (e.g. ca$hmoney = #cahmoney)
  • The set of all Hashtags will be appended to the description field (see Phase 3 below).

Fig 1. The model shown above has been given the tags “Play Grow, Playground”. Our migration scripts will convert the tags to #Play_Grow and #Playground
What should you do to your models before Phase 2?
If you’re happy with our automatic conversion rules, then nothing.

If, however, your preference in the example above would be for the tags to be converted to #Play and #Grow instead of #Play_Grow, then you’d need to edit your tags to be “Play, Grow, Playground” so that each word is separate.

Note that when editing your tags during PHASE 1, you SHOULD NOT include the ‘#’ symbol (caveat: unless you’re feeling frisky and want to go ahead and append #hashtags to your description text as seen in Phase 3 below).

Phase 3:
When the migration scripts have done their thing, we’ll push an update that will make the newly migrated Hashtags visible in their new location, appended to the description field; they’ll be clickable too, like they are now (see below). The old Tags box will get nuked.

Fig 2. The model shown above now displays the clickable hashtags #Play_Grow and #Playground appended to the text in the description field. The old Tags panel is gone.

Phase 4:
Users will be able to add/edit their own #hashtags (anywhere) in the description field! When you type the ‘#’ character, we’ll even have an autocomplete suggestion box that will appear and provide folks with hashtag suggestions which will hopefully help folks from making silly misspelling errors, etc.

Happy #hashtagging!

No field to add tags or #tags in 3dwarehouse?
Adding keywords to posted models

‘’’#will the hashtags play a role in the description of dynamic #components , meaning: can we click on hashtags in the component option dialog to open up a webpage or #instagram account?’’’


Um… we didn’t change dynamic components, only 3D Warehouse.


Do you recommend keeping the underscore in hashtag phrases for tags that we believe users will search together, or separate the words to have their own hashtags?

Also, if duplicate tags are deleted, does that mean duplicate words in phrases are deleted? Like in “outdoor light” and “contemporary light”? I’m guessing in that instance it would be better to keep the underscore.


We recommend keeping hashtags to one word if possible. In your example, I might use something like #outdoor, #light, #contemporary, and #lighting. Duplicate words in phrases will not be deleted. So if you had old tags of “outdoor light, contemporary light”, those will be auto-converted to #outdoor_light #contemporary_light by our scripts.

Although we recommend using only single words for hashtags, your multi-word tags will still show up in the autosuggest feature if they are popular enough. For example, if a user starts typing “#co” into the search bar, we will show them a suggestion list that may contain #contemporary_light.

I hope that answers your questions!


Exactly what I needed to know, thank you


how to insert a photo im my sketchup model with my 3D model


You can upload a photo for a collection, for models, a thumbnail is generated. The thumbnail is generated with the last saved view, eg the view it has when you last saved it . If you import an image in your model and make a scene with just the image (photo), themn save the file and update the 3dwarehouse model , you will get that image as thumbnail.
Check this, for instance:


My bad, was confusing the ‘descriptions’ but , come to think of it :

would be nice,though ?


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