How add 1000 faces?

how add 1000 faces?

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I’m going to guess from this and your other posts that you want to add 1000 divisions so you can make smooth curves.
If that is the case you need to understand there is no rigging in SU.
Generally everything is static geometry and the loose flexible stuff that you have posted isn’t the norm here.

With vertex tools there is soft select, which will select certain vertices more or less depending on how close they are to the original selection, but they won’t flop back into place like your 3ds example.

And as any SU user with experience knows, add 1000 to anything will kill your model.

You have to start with a profile that has a thousand segments in it. It’s OK as long as you don’t have too many objects like that in the model–i.e. to make a complete model of such objects you may have to export to a more powerful program.

If you want to go from the rough profile you have, there are plugins that will subdivide and make curves. Or you can draw from scratch It’s not clear what the thousand faces would be–that’s up to you, so I don’t know if it’s worth guessing at what will be best for you. if you just mean the straight section, use the “divide” command. You may have trouble if the object is too small. Maybe you’d like to suggest what your end goal is with this model.

Check out the many videos about SketchUp and the online tutorials by the SU team to see how people use SketchUp --and for what purpose --and with what results.

What are you going to do once you have the rail divided into a 1000 sections? If you are doing that so you can bend it, there are easier and more appropriate ways. Follow Me would be one of them.

So useful, if only we knew why!

I took it the other way–to make more subdivided, possibly smooth profile. That way never occurred to me. That’s many more than a 1000 faces added.

Peter there are at least 1000 ways to take it.

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I want to use vertex tools for real-time changes.

How to do it with components?

I attach a file.


That link requires a decryption key for download. Please either change it to an unencrypted form or provide the key. Thanks!

You do not describe exactly what you want. You are not responding to the answers and questions you have received so far.
How do you think we’ll figure out what’s on your mind?
Please try to write more information. Believe me, you can write more than one sentence in a post. And then maybe we can help better and more effectively.


I want to build railroad tracks that turn.

Okay. Let’s say it’s almost two sentences… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So, you’ve got two advises:

If you create the curve with SketchUp plugins, all elements in the component will be distorted. The railroad ties will no longer be rectangular, for example–whereas the bending should be fairly OK with just the rails and arraying the ties.

If railroads are the goal, and not modeling for its own sake–Eneroth has made extensive railroad plugins, if they are still available.

In most cases you should edit the component (open it) to work directly on the raw geometry within. Some plugins may work on closed components, but most do not.

It’s not a railway but the concept is the same.
Follow Me and Component Stringer, or any of the other path copy extensions.

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I find this but I don’t know how to add two different profiles.

Just as you did the first, you have to do the second.