HOVER 3D model - How to add floors

Can anyone direct me to a tutorial that shows you how to add floors into 3D houses? I used HOVER, and they created my house in 3D, but it’s missing the floors and I don’t know how to add them into that model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is an image of the model to show you guys what I’m talking about: 2 — ImgBB

Instead of clicking on the link in the original post, here are the photos.


Probably best to contact the Hover tech support.

Moving to Corner Bar, as it’s not a SketchUp issue. Seems like something to ask HOVER about.

Not familiar with them, but it looks interesting and possibly quite expensive. They do seem to specifically target SketchUp for use with their output, and Laura is right there in their demo video. I guess it comes down to how they organize what in get in SketchUp - along the lines of the 3D Basecamp talk “10 Things I Hate About Your SketchUp Model” (or whatever it was titled).