Housebuilder ruby file zipped?

New user!
I want to use Ruby Housebuilder and I cannot get the download to install in Sketchup 8. Any suggestions?( I also have SU2015 but I was told they are not compatible)
Also in just trying to use tools like draw a rectangle I cannot get it to size accurately, If I enter dimensions it ignores me. It also will not disconnect from the tool, like having gum on my shoes,

unzip the file and manually place it in the Google Sketchup8 / Plugins

with rectangle, click and release starting point, then type on the keyboard, the dimensions is a read only dialogue, one does not use like autoCad. 75,45 would use the current units, you can mix the units by placing cm or ’ for feet etc then press enter

Which release of SU8 do you have? RBZ installation wasn’t added until SketchUp 8 Maintenance Release 2. If you are running an older version of SU8 you should update it.

can house builder work on SketchUp 2014 version? I downloaded it on my computer and can’t seem to get it into SketchUp???

I’m also wondering the same thing? Waiting for an answer.

I did a search and could not find version to down load althought think you can for metric version. If you have the zip file context click on that file and then select unblock. Depending on security permissions when you down load the sytem will block files. If you unzip first that has to be done for each file but doing first unblocks on batch basis.