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This is a home theatre I recently designed. It was merely for the fun of it but the advice is always helpful :blush:

Thank you for all your input and comments

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Pop corn :smiley:

EDIT: This got me to think of the theater under my old castle model. Maybe slightly bigger than necessary.

Also I didn’t think of adding a popcorn machine :frowning: .


No cuddle sofa?


But it looks like you have plenty of wine racks backstage.


I like the “Ticket Booth” as the door!

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That’s the prop room. The wine cellar is underneath the kitchen.


From an architectural standpoint, there’s a missed opportunity here to integrate the surround speakers into the walls using columns or other ways to break up the space. Just look up high end home theaters to see how people are doing this. Having the popcorn machine right next to the screen on top of basic side table seems like an after thought. Definitely relocate this to a proper snack and beverage location at the rear of the room so it doesn’t distract from your picture.

Rear seating is at the same elevation as the seats/beds in the front. You’re going to want to put each row on a riser about 6-8 inches each so nobody in front blocks your view. This means you’ll have to make the ceiling higher to accommodate. Your primary seating is in the wrong location. It should be in the center of the room so that surrounds are behind the seating positions.

For the ceiling, you have an opportunity to integrate the projector into a soffit, and perhaps create a ceiling with recessed lighting and maybe even starscape night sky as well.

From a surround sound standpoint, having all your speakers up way above ear height is not recommended. They should be much closer or at ear height unless they are Atmos speakers, in which case they would be embedded in the ceiling.

You also have too many speakers in general. Your front and rear sets of side surrounds should be removed entirely as they would serve no purpose except to ruin the sound field and cause problematic interference waves. Remove them and then reposition the 4 remaining side speakers according to the Dolby layout. Clearly you’re going for a 9.1 setup, so look that up and follow the strict guidelines on angles and distances. It’s all very scientific and the info is readily available.


This is a Dolby 9.1.4 Atmos layout, which I think should be the start of your speaker plan.


@gsharp There are two beds tho :wink: :smirk:

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@eneroth3 and @c_j_ryan
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Something I definitely need in my theatre :wink:


Thank you very much :grimacing: :blush:

I saw something similar on Pinterest and just had to do it :joy:

Literally designed the home theatre just to do this door thingy :joy: :raised_hands:t3:

Thank you so so very much for this! I will do so and make the necessary adjustments. :blush:
I especially appreciate that it’s from an architectural standpoint.