Coffee Shop

Hi there! :wave:

This is my design for a coffee shop interior with the idea that it would be in a shipping container. I tried to make it as efficient as possible within a small space. I personally love the aesthetic and will love any comments or advice you have for me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much
Designing Daisy :sunflower:


Too bad I do not drink coffee. Looks nice for a spot to grab a cup. Prefer wine instead.

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Looks cute. But why not open up the front completely to allow outside seating… you could use a tilting garage door arrangement to secure the cafe at night but provide extended shade over the pavement where you can have casual seating…

Sorta like this?


Nice idea suggestion, gsharp.

I do drink coffee and usually want to check my phone while drinking coffee. There are only 2 seats available with a table. Maybe place a very small stand every few places along the bench so people can put their coffee down and not worry about spilling it. (the table would be a bit smaller than a stool, but taller…easy to move around or out of the way if desired).

Do you mean for this coffee shop to mainly be a walk in/out? I like the idea of using a shipping container for it.

If those are your coffee names on the boards, I love those…very clever!!

Very nice Sketchup work, DesigningDaisy. Love your flowers and shelf decorations…did you make those?

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Dear @gsharp

I love this idea :star_struck:
Thank you so much!
All my designs are merely for fun and to learn from my mistakes.
So advice like yours means the world to me as I would like to pursue interior design once my studies are complete.

So again thank you so much and have a blessed 2020 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Designing Daisy :sunflower:

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@RLGL :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

I laughed so loud now!
I honestly don’t know whether my love for coffee or wine is stronger!!!
But I have a feeling my next project is going to have to be a wine bar! So thank you for the idea!
And I can’t wait to hear your input on that!

May your 2020 be as awesome as your comments!! :fire: :fire:
Designing Daisy :sunflower:

Dear @KatG

Thank you so much!
Yes, I had the idea in mind that it would be a ‘walk in and walk out’ type of coffee shop.
Thus there is a small bench for if you would really like to have a coffee-date, and why the rest of the seating would be merely for sitting while waiting for your coffee :smiley: Although I do like the idea of a few stands :wink:
The idea is also that the bench can then be used as a storage space for the coffee shop :blush:

They are my coffee names so thank you so so much because those took me forever and I could not be more proud! :joy:

No, no. Those are not my flowers and shelf decorations, I got them from the warehouse :grimacing:
I wish though! But I have not yet acquired the skills to do so.

Thank you so so much yet again for your input. I really do appreciate it :star_struck:

Have a blessed 2020
Designing Daisy :sunflower:

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How do you know if it’s morning or night? Coffee it’s morning Wine it’s night.

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