Hololens2, SketchUp Viewer Trimble won’t let me sign in

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Even though it worked all spring, after taking a break in the summer, I finally tried to sign in to my Trimble account with my hololens 2 in SketchUp Viewer app and it will not let me sign in to access my Trimble account. It does nothing at all, SketchUp Viewer opens and the Trimble sign menu comes up, but it let me type in my account code.![20211105_104953_HoloLens|690x388](upload://syhGPUcAMpULbfSBWdNG6FIFjrW.jpeg)

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Hi Fred,

Firstly, please make sure you have the latest version of the application installed. You cam do that direct In Hololens2 by visiting Microsoft Store and searching for SketchUp Viewer.

Then, with a working internet connection, launch the application, click Sign In… and wait. It takes several seconds but eventually an Edge browser window will pop up prompting you to sign in. I recommend you ask Edge to save your user name and password for faster access in the future.

Let me know if that works.