Cannot sign in to Sketchup Viewer on hololens 2

Hi. I am trying to use the sketchup viewer on a hololens 2, but the login seems to fail.
Whenever i start the application, i am asked to login. I login with my trimble account, which opens in a web browser. when i enter my credentials, i am presented with an image of a guy with a hololens, and then nothing happens. When i close the browser, i still only have the sign in screen. I have seen videos and followed guides on this, and they get the same image as me, as well as the sketchup logo, but i only get the guy with the hololens

Has anyone encountered this before?

Trimble should send each of us in support a Hololens 2 to try!

If this was a VR headset, one issue that can happen is that the last thing that happens when signing in is that the SketchUp app is opened up from the web browser. Whether that works depends on your default browser. Try setting that to be Chrome.


Unfortunately this is a problem I’ve seen before. The best thing to do is clear the cache from the application and from Edge, which should give you a clean sign in without the looping windows. If you’re still seeing this after clearing the cache, you might need to reinstall the app to make sure you have the newest version of SketchUp Viewer.


I have also an issue with Sketchup Viewer on an Hololens2

I have successfully instelled the app, and lauched the application.
I get a window asking me to “sign in” but when I hit the button nothing happen.
No window pops up to let me enter my credentials.
any Hints?

Many Thanks

Having the same exact issue here. Ping me if you ever figure it out.


I also am having the same problem. I have my hololens 2 with Trimble account and SketchUp Viewer perfectly for 4 straight months up til summer of 2021. Than I turned it off for the summer. This fall I turned it on and it always asks for the Trimble sign in, but nothing happened you can’t even sign in. Yet I can sign in through my lap top, cell phone and tablet, Houston’s mot in hololens 2. I have uninstalled the SketchUp viewer app and then reinstalled it, yet it still will not let me sign in. I can’t believe that Trimble and or SketchUp have no help in this.