Hollow out buildings


I am struggling to find a simple and quick way of hollowing out my building blocks in order to 3d print my buildings at a lowered cost.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Solid Inspector

You could use Fredo JointPush Pull Thickener, basically creating a 3d shell of your building instead of a solid block.

To be less precise you might be able to duplicate the solid, scale it down, then subtract if from the other.

Most slicing software can fill only a fraction of a solid. I commonly use 20% fill.

You might not need to hollow out your solids at all in SU to 3D print them.

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In fact, if you would hollow them out your printer will have trouble with the internal overhangs and spans of the roofs because it would be printing in mid air…

für jene, die gerne ohne Plugins auskommen.
Im deutschen SU-Menü heißt das native Feature “Äußere Schale” und ist unter “Funktionen” zu finden.

To use Outer Shell you need the objects to be Solid. From the picture posted by the OP, I considered that it is possible that there are no solid objects and I showed one of the options available for such a situation.
For those who want to do without plugins, they can manually delete each edge or face inside the object, whether it’s solid or not.

How are you printing this? Depending on the printing method, hollowing it out and creating a void on the inside may end up using more material (internal and external walls), a slicing program should have the ability to hollow this out of you are printing using any form of sintering, while a FDM printer will file with less material than supporting a hollowed out shape.