Holes in sphere making


I used to be able to make spheres, but now whenever I try to make a sphere, there are holes on top and bottom of the sphere.

I drew a circle at the bottom, and a half-circle on it, then use the “follow-me” tool to make the sphere. The surface of the sphere is not filled.

Please help me.


If model is too small, SketchUp won’t make the face. So scale your drawing up by 1000%


I did a 9 cm diameter sphere just now, it failed to close up the sphere. But I was able to make a 5 cm diameter sphere before.


With the same segment count (arc, circle)?


How small is the sphere and how many entities does the sphere have?
Using the default number of circle segments (24) a sphere is comprised of 552 edges and 288 faces.
Entity Info will indicate 840 entities selected when you triple click on the sphere = select all connected.

SketchUp will often exhibit problems creating new geometry <1mm
However, it will support existing geometry scaled down to very small size.
If you want to model complex tiny geometry then you need model it big and scale it down to desired size.

You can use either of these tools to scale geometry:
Scale Tool
Tape Measure Tool

Complex tiny geometry will, sooner than later, slow model performance.
Simple is better.



With this question, I had this in mind…


Nicely illustrated. :smile:
When there is an overabundance of tiny geometry SU may simply freeze.
I made this example from a “problem” model shared in the forum some years ago.



Thanks to quantj!
Somehow, I was able to make a 9 cm diameter sphere again (don’t know why, cause I did it exactly the same), a 9 mm diameter was still undoable.