[Hiring] Simple 3D animating needed for 3 explainer videos of fictional quantum physics | HIRING CLOSED |

All 2D graphics and all 3D models would be provided. Animation can be done in SketchUp, After Effects etc.

Here’s an animated GIF explaining in detail what is needed. https://s0.gifyu.com/images/RAWconcrete-video1-2-4-concept-1.gif

The budget is $450. E-mail us at [info@rawconcretegame.com]


By carefully looking at the animated GIF, these are estimations:

V1- 4s of hoganic field and locking on hoga, 5s of zipping niwas, 3s for niwa+ approaching hoga from below, 4s for niwa- to go from bottom to top of hoga, 2s more of up movement further distancing from hoga and for another niwa- to appear at the hoga’s bottom and 3s more of up movement of both and for screen fade out/end.

TOTAL ~21s.

V2- 5s for terada approaching niwa being inside hoga and being captured. 2s for hoga fade out and 2s more of terada and niwa alone.

TOTAL ~9s.

V3- about 25-30s of entire zoom in and partial zoom out to fade out.

TOTAL ~25s.

Sum of ~55s in total for all 3 videos.

No narration, no music, simplest of lighting (basic shade is enough as in shown GIF), as said, all graphics and 3D models (what is 3D remains 3D) would be provided, electrons movement in atom and subtle shaking of the core’s protons and neutrons would be nice but if it would be expensive to do it, we’ll go with completely inanimate atom.

Let me know how much would it cost and approximate completion time. I’ll wait for others to send their questions and rates and then decide with who to go with this.

Paying via Paypal, only. $50 max upfront payment (to push away not sufficiently skilled people).


I’d Glad to assist you.
Email Sent, Please Check.

Very Best Regards
Carter W

You’ve been told before you can’t offer to do work without a commercial license.

@OliverRC please check the credentials of anyone you consider for paid work.

@Box All right, I will, thanks for the heads up.