Hinge Opening Animation

Is animation possible with Free Sketchup for web, if not what is minimum subscription? I understand Fredo6 Animator is not available Free Sketchup for web.

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None of the Web versions of SU (Free, Shop or SU for Schools) support extensions or plugins - only desktop versions do.

Fredo6 Animator is an extension, available from SketchUcation plugin store.

If your use of SU is personal and non-commercial, you can still download SU Make 2017 from the Sketchup website, at no charge.

See Download All | SketchUp

It starts as a trial version of SU 2017 pro, but reverts to Make at the end of the 30 day trial.

It will run almost all of the current extensions from either SketchUcation or the 3D Warehouse.

You can make animations in the web version using the scene method.
Hinge animation

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I wondered about that. How well does it work if the hinges are part of a larger construction?

Like anything it is all relative, scene animation can do many things it also can’t do many other things.

I tried with scenes but could not get it work. Can I move a component independently within a scene? If so how.

No, you make copies of the component and use Tags to turn them on and off in the scenes.
So the moving part of the hinge is a radial array, each then assigned to a different tag and in each scene a different tag is visible.
I didn’t save the model for the gif I made.

Here’s an example of what Box described. This is shown in SU2021 but it would be the same in the web versions. In this case I’ve only got 4 of the tags turned on to simplify the illustration. All the things that go round were copied using a radial array (Rotate/Copy) and the things that move linearly were made using a linear array with Move/Copy. The components for each position are assigned a different tag and only one tag is visible for a given scene.
Screenshot - 1_9_2021 , 7_47_41 AM

The result of stepping through the scenes, below. Click the picture.

A hinge I had set up for the same sort of thing.

Note that there isn’t a way to really output an animation from the free web version.

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