Highlighting/shading in standard isometric view


I was wondering if it was possible to “force” certain sides to be a different color in a standard isometric view so that the shading of that view has shading/highlights like in other views. (see attached pic)

Turn on Use sun for shading.

Adjust the sliders as needed to control the values.

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Expanding on @DaveR’s reply, the standard shading is based on a “camera light” colocated at the point of view. When the surfaces are all oriented at the same general angle to the view (as happens in isometric view of something with all surfaces in the primary planes of the model), they all get the same shade. Try a sloped surface and you will see it gets shaded differently based on its angle to the camera’s light.

Invoking “use sun for shading” moves the illumination source to a different direction, and produces shading that is based on angle to the sun instead of angle to the camera. You can adjust the time and date to vary the direction of the sun.

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Awesome, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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