How to make isometric view?


I would like to make a script which makes the same as ISO button. Do you have any suggestions?


#2 = false


OK, it’s turn perspective into isometric view, but dosn’t change same view. Dosn’t set an eye of camera (position, angle and distance) the same way as makes it button ISO.




then = false


OK, it’s works.
Second part of my job is make ISO view on DC always from the same side. DC has its own axies, and I would like make the ISO view always from the same side (same axies) idependently that DC is roteted in the model. My DC has face, sides, top and bottom. I need all of them (DC) see the same way (from face).


Perhaps make 4 copies of the DC [***one for each view?].
Rotate three of them through 90/180/270 degrees [about their].
Put each on layers named 0/90/180/270 and make 4 scene-tabs named the same - each one with only that one matching layer set ‘visible’.
Now use the send_action and camera.perspective code snippets on each scene-tab’s camera in turn…
***Obviously if you have say 6 desired views rotate through different angles, make more scenes etc…