High Resolution Rendering with Vray

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I have a super simple rendering of a few metallic chain links in a perspective view that need to render in high resolution for printing purposes. The resolution is approx. 21000 x 21000 px and it just keeps crashing. I am able to render in 10500 x 10500px. The only way I figure out is to zoom into my model 2 times larger and render it top and bottom separately both in 10500 x 10500px. Eventually, I could photoshop these two parts to the resolution I need. However, it will be a bit weird since they are in perspective view. So the top and the bottom piece won’t perfectly connect together.

Are there anyone have a solution that I could render my high-resolution image?

I’m curious here, that’s a solid 1m75 side at 300dpi.
I worked 4 years as a reprograph for architects, never had to go beyond 300dpi, often went lower (200 is fine if you look at 1-3m)

that’s a lot of pixels you’re asking.

What you’re able to render right now is about 87,25cm, it would scale up to 1x1m without any visual loss.

it’s most likely a RAM issue. it tends to be the limiting factor in rendering tools when it comes to size.

a 21K px image is four times bigger than a 10,5K px image (I know, it’s the side value, I’ll use that).
Your mac can withstand a bigger images if they are finished, but you might have reached the limit of your hardware

witch brings me to the following question, what is your hardware ? please fill in your profile correctly. What macOS are you on, and what graphics card. In your case, since there haven’t been Macs with Nvidia cards since almost 15years, it’s either an apple silicon (M1, M2…) or a Radeon. In both cases, it means the CPU does all the work, and it might also be a limiting factor.

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Or you could try ‘Region render’ at full size

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bucket or progressive rendering?

You could cheat and take the 10,500 rendering and upscale it with Topaz Labs Gigapiel AI.

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Take a look at Topaz Gagapixel, I render everything at 4000*3000 which is good enough for printing at A3 @ 300dpi and then if needed bigger for the likes of a billboard it gets enlarged in GP.
Here’s a post I did about it on the Enscape forum with examples https://forum.enscape3d.com/index.php?thread/19111-topaz-gigapixel-ai/&postID=65572&highlight=Topaz#post65572

You only need circa 72dpi for a billboard.

The resolution is approx. 21000 x 21000 px and it just keeps crashing.


My laptop melted after reading this.

Yea, 21000 is 5.8’ / 1.8m at 300dpi or 24’ / 7.4m at 72dpi.
We regularly have 12*8’ billboards printed, the physical printer is 72dpi so that’s 10368px at the absolute max assuming the image is completely covering the signage.

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I’d struggle in photoshop with something that large to be honest even keeping a blank document open of that size takes 14GB of memory.

As others have said, nobody prints above 300dpi, so that kind of resolution is wasted - that’s if your printer can even handle such an unwieldy file.

Printers use dithering to produce their colours so the actual dpi you get for colour printing is the printer’s quoted resolution divided by approximately four. Only dye-sublimation produces prints where the output matches the quoted resolution, and the available devices max at 300 DPI.
I once produced a sample with an office colour laser and printing at 300 or 150 DPI produced an identical result. 300 DPI just takes four times more time to print. Been preaching this for decades to deaf ears.

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