High quality 3D models for sketchup?


Where can I download high quality components for sku? Are there models with quality similar to the ones in 3DS Max?


Start in the 3D Warehouse. Also look at Formfonts.

How do you define high quality? What kind of components are you looking for?


High resolution components.
Everything, from vegetation to general furniture.

I got some from the warehouse but I don’t think I chose very well. Kinda made the render not look so realistic.


There’s a wide range of components in the Warehouse. Many are low-poly and are made to prevent large hits to computer performance. Some are more detailed.

You may need to be open to making your own or modifying what you can get from the Warehouse or other sources.


Shameless plug: here are models I’ve uploaded to the 3D Warehouse, all high-fidelity representations of the Viking '75 Mars lander (created by Martin Marietta for NASA in the 1970s):

Core lander body
Viking '75 Mars Lander Surface Sampler Collector Head
Surface Sampler Acquisition Assembly

These are mechanically-oriented items with a fairly high level of detail representing real-world objects.


I’ve seen them. Lovely work indeed! And I wish I could work them into the models I create. :wink:


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