Where to buy models for SketchUp?

Hi! Guys, could anybody advice if it’s worth to buy it to use in sketchup https://hum3d.com/3d-models/asus-rog-pg348q-monitor/ and other models here? I’m modeling desktops and need to render them with full gaming sets (keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc) All the models I found on warehouse are too low detailed and as I need to render scenes close enough I’d like to have high detailed models. So I’m ready to pay for it in order at least to save my time but not sure if there is everything is going to be fine. I mean when I tried to import to sketchup some free models downloaded from different web sites I have found that meshes becomes triangulated, nested edges and reversed faces appears, etc. Or maybe someone could advise some other resources where I can certainly get what I need. Thanks!

I use the SU Podium render engine which has great quality model resources as part of the package - if you want to go that way.

I’m using Vray and I like it so would not like to go for Podium

Have you tried the 3D warehouse and typing in “V Ray” in the search engine? there are some great models there.

some very nice models are from a company that i think will build models for you in sketchup: https://advizual.com/en/ressources. they have several very nice highly detailed models in the warehouse that are great for close up shots.

Checking out the link there doesn’t seem to be any reason these assets wouldn’t work for you. The monitor provides the file in SketchUp format which is kind of rare as usually it’s OBJ, FBX or MAX only. As you likely already know, you’ll probably want to turn this into a proxy given one is over 100k polygons, if you have more that one in your model performance could slow a bit.

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