High poly model experiment in 2020

Messing about tonight I built a high poly ornate chain to test drive Sketchup 2020. I decided to keep it simple with default material just testing polygons. I got up to about 70 million edges before my machine started seriously bogging. At this level I can still do operations although my processor chews on it for a while and the fan is screaming. Amazingly the model still orbits pretty smoothly. It’s in no way scientific but graphics feel smoother and faster than previous versions.


How many frames can it manage?
Set up a scene
Open ruby console
Type Test.time_display

the access to google doc by your link denied.

That’s interesting because you use a Mac like me. Yours appears to be rather higher powered than mine though. I have been thinking about upgrading.

I do get some regular issues that may be related to processor or graphics card. The commonest is having LO crash if I try to select Hybrid rendering. But I have SU crash quite often without obvious reason. Do you get that at all or are you trouble free?

I’m asking this because I have had it suggested by a Sage that SU/LO on PCs is more stable. But i don’t really want to go back to PCs.

I’m curious if v20 is significantly faster on PCs than v18, let’s say. If so, I’ll upgrade too.

This time around a lot of performance optimization was done with the Windows version. Mac is also improved in a couple of places, but didn’t yet get all of the improvements that went into Windows.

Just tested 2018 vs 2020

2018: 72 frames in 3.0121 seconds, 24.2357 fps
2020: 72 frames in 2.6968 seconds, 27.0687 fps

There are other reasons to upgrade than just the speed increase.

I did this test on Mac and Windows (though in Parallels, so only think about the relative change). Here are the results.

I was running a lot of demanding applications at the time (Safari, Chrome, Apple TV, Parallels running Windows 10, four copies of SketchUp…), I’ll do another test after a fresh restart. But still, the relative figures are useful. More or less, Windows is no different, perhaps 4% faster. Mac 2020 is more like 45% faster.

I ran the tests again, with only SketchUp 2019 running, and with only SketchUp 2020 running. Also tested in full screen. The frame rates were:

2019 windowed: 26.6831
2020 windowed: 28.3617
2019 full screen: 29.5091
2020 full screen: 29.2061

I suspect that the upper limit is 30 fps, so I duplicated the geometry to make it more demanding. Then 2019 became 14.7048 and 2020 was 16.2736. That’s nearly 11% faster, which may be more correct than the 45% faster figure.

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With the benchmark file in the link you sent I get similar numbers to you, 2020 is marginally faster. Running the script on my 70m edge “chain” file I get:

72 frames displayed in 32.5708 seconds
Average frame = 0.4462 seconds
2.2413 frames/second

Pretty choppy

?? I didn’t post any link.

This was adressed to Mike, the link for his form.

ahhh, got it. :+1:

My return in the Console:


It needs to be Test.time_display, not test.time_display. Class names usually start with a capital letter.

That tells what I know about Ruby. Thanks😄

Ah, this is interesting… :wink:

Does this mean that more are on their way? Layout improvements for example?


I know that someone is working on LayOut performance. I don’t know when Windows performance improvements will appear on Mac.

I don’t know enough about how SU and LO use resources. I have been considering the idea of running 2 computers at the same time 1 designed specifically for LO and one designed for SU. Since the files are all on Dropbox I think it would work fine. Any of you have any thoughts?

Found out later that I could get close to 60 fps with an empty scene.

You can work on local files that are synced to dropbox. Some amount of time later the other machine, also synced to dropbox, would also be working on a local file.