Hide/Show Dimensions


Why is this not default as so many people download the extension?

The website for Dispatch Objects extension now shows as Dangerous.

Anyone know a version of this somewhere that’s clean?


It can be done without an extension if you wish. Put the dimensions on a layer and toggle its visibility as needed.

What? What “website for Dispatch Objects extension”? What is dangerous?

There’s nothing wrong with Jim’s extension.


Thanks Dave, and hello Sages, your extensions are awesome, but I have been unable to find Dispatch Objects on the Extensions UI.

Catamountain’s link for Dispatch Objects takes me to this page

I’ve got the hang of jim_foltz jf_toggle_dimensions extension now and it’s a real life-saver- thanks!

I’m now looking for one that also toggles the manually added text labels I have to use for any radius that is not a SketchUp generated true Arc object, but a curve nonetheless.



There’s one called ToggleTextAndDims which combines (separate) options to toggle either type on or off, with a check mark to show the status, in the View menu.


Thanks John, that sounds ideal!

Not at my desk now but will check it out asap.

Maybe I should also just explain what it is I’m after though, in case anyone can school me;
When I add a radius dimension I usually have to do it by hand as SketchUps native radius dimensioning is a little fiddly and only works on true arcs created within the app. It does not work on curves of line segments created when the model’s imported, even if they appear indistinguishable from true arcs to the eye.
So I use the text annotation tool to add them manually, which means they do not register with SketchUp as dimensions, of course.
Maybe I should be working in a slightly different way?
It’s be great if all my dimensions, including radius were in layer 0 but moved and resized with the objects they refer to.
Any advice welcome :slight_smile:
Feature request: add a routine that calculates when a curve of line segments approximates to a curve and allows you to click and recreate it as a true arc. Some tolerable variation from the original will be necessary. Wouldn’t that be great?!


I think this one is from SketchUcation.com Plugin Store.

Register (free), login, then search and download. Or better, first install SketchUcation’s own plugin to manage and update all their plugins, then use that to search the store and auto-install.

Mostly, I put dimensions on their own layer or layers. You can add them within a component, and even if you don’t they usually move with the points they are attached to.

There’s also a plugin called ToggleTextAndDims which sits in the View menu and will globally toggle text or dimensions (separately) on or off.


Thanks John
Checked it out and now I have all the functionality I dreamed of, it’s brilliant!


Glad to have helped. Could you mark the thread as ‘solved’ then?


Sorry John, looks like only the OP can close a thread, thanks :smiley:


Superb! Extensions didn’t show up in my Preferences (Sketchup Make 2017 for Mac) so I used the info here: https://help.sketchup.com/en/article/38583 – changed RBZ extension to ZIP, decompressed, and moved the decompressed file to Home > Library > Application Support > SketchUp 2017 > SketchUp > Plugins. Works great, and I can also assign a keyboard shortcut via Preferences > Shortcuts. My biggest Sketchup issue is now resolved. Thanks Jim!


In v2017 the Extensions Manager moved into the main SketchUp Windows menu.
Extensions Management is no longer accessible under the Preferences dialog.

So there is no need to mess with RBZ > ZIP etc.
Just use the red Extension Installer button on the Manager dialog which is easily opened from this new menu item.


Thanks Jim, it works great.


I didn’t even have to restart.

Great, quick addition. Thanks.