Hide objects when selected

I watched a video on youtube where he was sending parts to dxf. He had the option selected that when he selects the part it would hide the rest of the model. He then would export the 2d graphic to dxf. I set up my model and selected the part I wanted to export and the rest of the model hides like it should. I then export to dxf but when I open the dxf on my laser it still shows the whole model. Any ideas on how to get only the part I want to dxf? Thanks

.dxf or .dwg exporters will export the entire model, regardless of selections. Is it possible the video you were watching was exporting .stl files? There is an option in the .stl export dialogue to export current selection only. For .dxf you will need to copy the object and paste into a fresh file, then export from there to get only an isolated part.

here was that video.