Hide group axes


When I create groups I want to hide the group axes. If I have a bunch of groups I see tons of the red/green/blue lines. In my 2D model I’m using the 2D Tools from TIG to draw text, and all the letters for words are grouped, so they all have the axes on them.

Just looking for a hide option, I can hide the main axes, but not the group ones.


Like this?


In the upper left corner under the VIEW tab scroll down as one of the options to turn on or off. Is the main axes in the model there is also hidden geometry. Sometimes it is needed to limit there visibility. The first one, Tool Bars will open a dialog box for all the tools and tool groups that you can place in your model boarder.


UP he`s got yah… I read your question wrong…Peace…


Awesome! The component axes in the model info is what I was looking for.