"Hide and Lock" Group?

Came across a July thread that seems to indicate SU has the ability to “Hide and Lock” a Group at the same time.
I’ve been trying to do that, but cannot. I can “Hide” a Group, I can “Lock” a Group, but I cannot “Hide and Lock” a Group. It’s either/or for these two functions.
Do I have that right?

Look to the top menus.

View > Hidden Geometry (on)

• Hide the Group
• Lock the Group

View > Hidden Geometry (off)

Made some head way there. Thank you.
Now off to learn more about that ‘Hidden Geometry’ function.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 4.48.45 PM.png

Okay … and I see now that “Hide and Lock” can be controlled all from within Outliner as well.