Hi all! What is the file with the tilde before the .skp? drawing.skp vs drawing~.skp?

I guess the title says it all.


Likely the autosave file.

the ~ means it’s a ‘backup’ file on a mac, i.e. you have ‘Create backup’ checked in ‘Preferences’ >> ‘General’…
Autosaved file will have ‘Autosave_’ added to the model name…

Thanks to all, that’s what I thought but needed verification.
Thanks again for the quick response!


On Windows, incremental backups are named “filename.skb”. Timed backups (autosaves) are named “Autosave_filename.skp”.

I can’t find any right now, but I think when timed backups are made for as-yet-unnamed files, SU uses ~1.skp, ~2.skp, and so on. Or something like that.