Hey makers! We want you to Show Us Your Shop!

Calling all makers, woodworkers, hobbyists, and anyone who loves to build: care to show us around your shop?

We love seeing the projects you’re working on, but we know there’s so much more to the story. So let’s see where the magic happens. If you have a makerspace, woodshop, garage, or even shed where you create and build your projects (in SketchUp or otherwise), we’re hoping you can show us around.

How? It’s easy. We’re excited to launch this project using a video creating & sharing app called Cinebody. Simply download the app to your iPhone and search for the project code: suys

Once you’ve found the project, check out the suggested shot list and take a peek around Aaron’s shop. Then it’s your turn! Simply take us around your shop, show us what you’re working on, maybe film a quick selfie, and then add those videos to the project.

You have until August 3 to add your videos and then we’ll award the top filmer (as defined by quality & quantity) with some SketchUp swag – hint, new socks are involved.

Android user?! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you… just follow these steps on your mobile web browser:

  1. Visit pro.cinebody.com to log-in
  2. Enter the project code “suys” to view the project
  3. Upload your videos directly from your camera roll!

Questions? Ask away!

And… action!


Yes! Let’s see what you all are working with! I’m excited to see where you guys make whatever it is you make!

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I’ll bet you had a cleanup round…

…better part of a week…

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This would be so much fun to see! Any chance that the videos can be shared here in the forum??

Bye, I’m sorry that the cinebody App is not present for android!

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I’m trying to understand why you would want to see Maker Spaces.
Maker Spaces use file types that SketchUp does not support. The
SketchUp modeler produces 3D shells which are not ‘water tight’
and can’t be pre-processed as 3D printer STL files without errors.
Moreover, none of the 3D Export formats can be converted to
SolidWorks, Fusion360 or OnShape, the Maker3D standards.
I say this as someone with 10,000 hours of SKP, but moving on.


We are actually looking for any place that people make things! Maker Spaces are an option, and we use the one near our office, regularly. We use SketchUp generate STL files for 3D printing, line work for the CNC machine, and drawings to build just about anything else!

I have only printed a few 3d things, but I have only used Sketch Up and this plugin to make everything I printed. So, you can get good prints using Sketch Up.


Ill try it this weekend, thanks.

Hey all! We still want to see your shop! We are running out of time for this project, and we have not seen nearly enough shops! We have seen that a BUNCH of you have signed up, but no one is uploading any videos! We are dying to see what you are doing and where you are doing it! Help us out and post some Cinebody magic!

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I’m not sure why people haven’t gone for this, my excuse is I’m busy building my space rather than working in it.

Not sure… I am thinking that, as most of us love making things in our free time, no one wants to sacrifice that making time to film…

And technically, making your shop counts… So you should prbably film that :wink:

Ok, maybe I’ll have a go tomorrow if the sun is out. It’s on a boat so I guess it might be interesting even though it is a construction site.

As far as I know… Your will be the only floating shop!

Just a shot in the dark here, but I think there are probably a lot of SU users that don’t have their own shops. It would be cool to see the ones that do however.

sorry guys,

This things going outside of the SketchUp community… and into the world of another company’s account… ultimately requiring agreement to the terms and conditions of one more self serving EULA.

I’m just not into social media EULA’s.

#Jaron Lanier

It looks like Aaron’s going to win.

Oh man… I don’t have room in my closet for another SketchUp shirt! One more and my closet will burst!

Come on guys! Film this weekend and help to save my closet!!

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I think one of the reasons you’ve got no replies is it’s all a bit confusing.
What or who is Cinebody? The only thing we can look at is Aaron’s sample vids.
I can’t seem to access any other projects to get an idea of what this is all about. Perhaps it’s better on Iphone.
It’s not a very user friendly setting. I click the help button and I get a page that says, “Cinebody FAQ Coming Soon”
I’m pretty sure if there was a thread on the forum asking us to post vids of our workshops it would be filled with content.
I might still upload something, but I’m away from my boat and not sure if I’ll get back before your deadline runs out.
I think it’s a nice idea but not sure about the format chosen.

Edit: The thread has had 5.0k views, there must be something putting people off even though they are interested enough to view the thread.