Hey makers! We want you to Show Us Your Shop!


I think the first clue is: People don’t really upload models to a personal Gallery page on this forum either.

That's in part because...

It’s intimidating to put your stuff up for the general critique of others (for one thing),… but it’s also takes extra courage to do so when the standards have been set so high given the fine works of Cotty, Box, Dave R, JimHami, Liam, Ian, etc…

You can find examples of folks almost apologizing in advance of uploading their first model into their own gallery,… saying something similar to… “Here’s my model, I love SketchUp, but I know I’m not as good as so many other users…”

That pressure is real,… but not new, I can still recall seeing fellow class mates in tears during really light and mild critiques back in my art school days. So I know many people tend to hold their creative efforts very closely.

Anyhow, this video shop tour adds in the extra element of folks personal space… now it’s not just a critique of ones work in a SU forum Gallery thread, there’s an added element of economic standing as well.

“Well I have a grungy shop,… it’s probably not as nice as what others will be posting up…”.

“I don’t live in a very nice place, it too messy…”

“Don’t want to be seen/heard on camera…”

Change the words around as you may like here… I’m just trying to offer a quick preview on the internal monolog that takes place far too often.

This doesn’t cover everything but it does factor in to a certain degree like or not, as the frailties of the human condition seem to require it.

… and I guess that covers my main point anyhow.

For the world of the less sensitive… Hey it’s a video… that takes time to edit… and probably many folks are looking to craft a nice movie. with the majority of the uploads coming in on the last week (/days).

I DO think it would also have been helpful to have a few token examples already uploaded… and probably one that shows pretty shabby conditions,… so the whole self-conscious stuff can be set aside for just having fun… as is the original intention here, I know.


I might have a chance to do something with this in the next 2 days.
But, I still don’t quite get it.
Is it about creating several short vids like @TheOnlyAaron 's selection? or are they a guide to some shots that would make one short video interesting?
I’m not trying to win anything, just trying to take this further by understanding and doing.
Perhaps if one of us can actually upload something, the concept can continue. As it stands it looks like it is going to die an ignominious fade away.


Thanks, @Box! The way that Cinebody (the app we are using to collect these videos) works is that it presents you with a “shot list”. You can film these shots in short videos. Doing this allows us to sort through the shots quicker, because we know what to expect from a given type of shot. Additionally, there is a “Free Shoot” option where you can film whatever you want.

Really, what we are looking for is a peak into your creative lair. You can really post whatever you like, so long as we are seeing your shop!


Ok, so follow the shot list and throw in something else if you so desire.
It’s not the easiest thing for us to view. Clicking through your shots takes far longer than simply looking at a short video of your shots combined. It has to load a page then it plays what could be a gif and on several occasions it hasn’t loaded for me.
Still not understanding what cinebody is and what you would have done with these if many people responded?


The general idea behind Cinebody is that we can use these short videos and edit them together to make something bigger. If we just asked the community to “go film something!” we would get some good stuff, no doubt, but it would all be different (orientations, FPS, content) and we would be left editing down a bunch of longer videos into useable clips for the larger piece. Cinebody forces your phone into the proper orientation and camera setting so that all the shots are the same, and presents us with a list of consumable shots, all in one place.


That makes so much sense, had the thread started with that explanation people may have responded better.


Thanks for that input! We are just trying this out, so we were not really sure how to approach it. Maybe we will see some late adopters, putting up videos this week.


Yes! I’m one of those people who think it should be a prosecutable crime when someone shoots video in a vertical format. Ok, not really, but it does bug the heck out of me whenever I see vertical video on a TV screen.


If I had a shop, then I’d gladly show you all around. Unfortunately, I don’t have a shop.


Perhaps the majority of us are on Android! :cry:


I would show my shop, but is one big MESS!


If one wishes to move models from SketchUp to CNC or 3D Printing they then need to learn proper modeling for such activities. This is not a concept exclusive to SketchUp. Also, modeling solids, (water tight) is required for use with many extensions and other projects. Again, not a foreign concept and fundamental SketchUp practice. I disagree that SolidWorks and Fusion360 are Maker3D standards. STL is a standard, G-Code is a standard, not software.


The maker space I joined, MakeHaven, recently moved to a much bigger space (something like 4,000 s.f.) and I’ve been too overwhelmed with other things to even get my key to the new building yet.

Main space prior to move in:

They’ve been through an ordeal getting ventilation systems for laser cutters and the wood shop approved by the city of New Haven, but that’s supposedly all set now. One thing they picked up with the new space: 3 Bridgeport vertical milling machines:

I spent a couple summers in college working with one like these.


Oh, well. I had the best intentions of posting on this one. I have an interesting space. If I don’t care about winning, can I post late?

This is where I live and work, it was my first model in SketchUp. I knew so little about the program, I had to seperate all my raw geometry by a sixteenth of an inch to keep it from sticking. I’m a little bit better now.

From re-reading the info on that 3D warehouse, it was my second attempt. And no I never had the time to re-work it.




That’s how working shops are, unless you are making enough to have a full time maintenance crew.