Hey , can anyone tell me a way that I can download sketchup 8 for my coumputer?

I need skechup 8 for my school graphics please help me :frowning:

Why would you need that? If you need your model to be in the version 8 format, you can always save it from a newer version in the version 8 format (SketchUp 2015 supports older formats down to version 3).


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Click here to read about some of the issues With SketchUp 8. The comment Anssi made is a good one. If you have hardware/software limitations, you could download SketchUp Make 2014 - and that post is here: End User License Agreement for SketchUp Make

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I have used 8 for years - then deleted it when I upgraded to make 2 years ago.- and I got frustrated with that version of make, and deleted it.

So, then I went online to find a version of 8 - it was no longer available from Google or Trimble so I went to a download site - it had a virus tagged to it. So, when I escaped from that mess I found a better site that had a clean version of it, and it works fine. I still have it on my computer, and use it off and on, however, but it can’t read the v 15 models I made during my recent trial.run. So I downloaded make till I scare up some cash for the pro version.


I’m looking for SketchUp 8 too!
An important plugin - that converts to DirectX File(.x) - doesn’t work on SketchUp Make!

I was able to find an URL for SketchUp 8 for WIndows:

However, my coworker, who uses iMac, cannot find it for OSX, so I often receive SKP files for SketchUp Make. Every times I receive,I open it by SketchUp Make, export it as COLLADA(*.dae) file and I open SketchUp 8 and then that import COLLADA files.

I was looking for it myself.

Thank you for the lead to the Windows version. Through that, I was able to locate the Mac version:

Fully aware that this post is over 2 years old. But it still helped me nevertheless.