Help Wrapping Texture Around Cylinder Handrail


I have a Vray texture and I’m having difficulty applying it to a cylinder handrail neatly.

When I apply the texture it appears “segregated” when rendered with Vray. I think this due to the cylinder being created from a cirlce with segments. I don’t know how to create a cylinder from a circle with no segements though.

I’ve attatched images below of both the texture I’m using and how it appears when applied on a handrail and rendered. Also attatched is the handrail and texture as a component.

Any help would be greatly appriciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

Handrail Help.skp (759.6 KB)

Try ‘Soften Coplanar’ to smooth out those segments and re-apply your material. See example of before and after…obviously the seams don’t line up here but that can be fixed by scaling/repositioning the material.

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Thanks for your reply.
Is ‘Soften Coplanar’ an extension?

No. Go to Window/Soften Edges.

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