Help with walls

Is there an easy way or does anyone have a tutorial on how to achieve this tye of walls i have to make them look like mountains

One of I’m sure a few ways to do it is to start by drawing your wall profile along a flat face. Then draw your curved wall(s). Then extrude profile and ‘Intersect with model’.

Then either close top faces manually:

or keep only one face of your intersected curved wall and use an extension like ‘Fredo Joint Push Pull’s’ Thickener to give it whatever width you want.

Lastly, you can use Scale tool to give ‘taper’ to wall if desired.

Another thought is to use ‘Follow Me’ tool to do taper prior to ‘intersecting with model’ part:

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Is there any video tutorial to do this

Another option with Fredo Scale and TrueBend

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Sounds like you should have a look at Eneroths Eroder extension.


You may not need to make the actual walls curved, but just make them flat and arrange on a curve?
Would be a less expensive build.

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