Help with program to render in parallel projection

I am trying to render in parallel project mode but I need the following data for my program.
Rays position/direction (equation) from camera position and zoom.
Can anyone help with this. Thank you

You need the sun’s position & direction ?

I don’t know quite what you are trying to do, but perhaps what you need is available from the Camera object accessible via

Hi Dan / Slbaumgartner worked position and direction out, I just now have an issue with scaling to fit model. might have something to do with zoom extents. When I render the model is at a distance and I need a way to zoom in. Thanks for taking a look at this for me.

Sketchup.active_model.active_view.zoom factor


Hi Dan
These are methods, I need to get zoom amount or something similar…
I am looking for a way to scale parallel view, camera view. now I have only parallel rays, and it does not change when I move forward or backward
because rays are parallel, and It does not scale the camera view window…???

Thank you.