Help with Perforation

I am not completely new to Sketchup, but I am not a pro at using it’s full functionality/terminology either.

What I am having issues with, and finding, is a simple way to perforate a surface? I would like to be able to perforate both flat surfaces as well as curved surfaces. Then I would like to extrude the surface to give it thickness.

My goal for this is to make a filter that I can use to strain out material once it’s printed. the shape of the perforation is not all that important, although honeycomb would probably work best. Any direction would be great, I found there used to be an extension to help with this, “honeycomber” but appears to no longer be available. Am I missing something that should be a fairly simple process? Thank you


Flat is easy but there are many different types of surfaces . So start with simple and once you do that you can the define what you are thinking for curve surface. I assume the perfs will be small , SU has some issues with very small dimensions so you will have to scale up and then back down.
For flat draw 2d rect size you what, draw one perf , use the array copy to populate the perf profile, size, separation ,etc, and number. when you get done select the surface and pull up to the thickness you want. FYI the push pull toll works perpendicular to surfaces , if you cannot layout on curved surface that meets that then you will have to use an intersection to get holes you want.
Is this what you aree looking for

You can model each perforation as a separate component and then arrange them any way you like:

There is no need to explode the components … using component copies helps to reduce the file size and it will still be 3D printable when exported as an STL file.

Like @jimhami42 described …

Model a component representing one “perforation” comprised of the hole and half the surrounding material.
Then build the filter from an array of the components.
Finally, use the Outer Shell tool to create a printable solid component.

Here’s a model build in (sort of) similar fashion.

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