Help with painting faces - newbie

In some cases, when I go to paint a face, I only see part of the new paint I have applied to a section. This happens both within components I am editing and sometimes with faces that are part of the “landscape”. If I scroll around the entire drawing (esp. using orbit or pan tools) , it gets worse. Goes back and forth between the default light blue and the paint style I have applied. What causes this - what is the trick/fix? I am being careful to predefine the edges of the section of face I am trying to paint beforehand with the pencil tool.
Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing. (This is part of a component - but I went over the edges of this section with pencil tool - it allows me to select just that section, but as you can see the paint I have applied is doing something strange.) This was an attempt to paint/fill some crushed rock to outside of building. Any advice appreciated - I am stuck on this.

it looks like you are ‘unintentionally’ creating an additional face by ‘predefining’, and then painting that new face…

if you simply click on the face until it alone is highlighted you can then paint that face…

in raw geometry it’s one click, inside a group two, and if nested, it will depend on how deep…


If you can upload a model we can say more definitely. But the problem areas you show look a lot to me as if they are triangulated because they are not planar.

I’m with John on this, you are creating Z-Fighting by drawing a second face at the same point as the first face.

Thanks for these replies - but I am finding that I can’t always “select” a particular section of a face. It won’t allow me to select UNLESS I use pencil tool to “redraw” some of the edges. Then I can select that area - like the area you see highlighted in my screenshot. If I don’t do this, and apply paint button, it paints some of the adjacent areas - which I don’t want.

Since the area selected in your snapshot have 2 materials, you may have some softened lines.

If you view hidden geometry you can select the areas separately.

And as all mentioned above, do not trace/redefine anything with the risk of making extra unnecessary geometry.
Hope this is helpful.

And a small example: LinesMaterial.skp (77.0 KB)